Deer and Doe Azara skirto

The first time I saw the Azara skirt I was immediately smitten with it and it went straight to number one on my list of patterns to buy on Black Friday (a list I keep going all year and then the week before Black Friday sales decide on which patterns to buy). I don’t usually buy patterns as soon as they’re out, because then I would buy all the patterns all the time, but about once or twice a year I will get those patterns I couldn’t get out of my head and kept thinking about. I love the lines of this skirt so much and I think the silhouette is so very elegant.

I also kept thinking about this fabric from Textielstad in combination with this skirt. It reminded me of an embroidered rtw-skirt I had once owned and loved and then gave to my mom because I wanted her to have something really beautiful (and then regretted giving it away because I missed it so much). I really liked the folklore embroidery on that skirt and this fabric reminded me so much of it I had to break my no-buying policy and get it.

The fabric isn’t perfect for this skirt as you can’t really see the lines of the yoke and the topstitching, but as a sentimental make it’s perfect to me as I feel I got my old skirt back.

I loved working on this and took my time trying to make everything as perfect as possible. I don’t really need instructions these days, so I can’t say anything about those, but the pattern pieces itself came together perfectly and everything lined up nice and neatly. Deer and Doe runs true to size. You can trust their measurement charts and plan accordingly. I switched the back zip to a side zip and added some room to the back.

I took my time topstitching the skirtpieces and inserting the zip. It fits like a glove and is really toasty to wear. Overall, I’m very happy with this! Hopefully I’ll be able to cut out my Lander pants economically and use the wool from that project for another Azara.


Deer and Doe Belladone (update: second version)

I’ve been eyeing all the Deer and Doe patterns for a while. I kind of put myself on a buying hiatus (intermittently broken for those moments when I find a fabric that I can’t stop thinking about) and don’t allow myself to buy all the patterns. I own so many patterns and I’ve made just a fraction of them. For a while I only got new patterns through my Fabric Godmother dreamwardrobe subscription and it was in one of her parcels that I got the Belladone dress. I got it with a teal crepe, but wanted to make it with the fabric from another Dream Wardrobe parcel, this gorgeous cotton sateen with it’s bright floral print.

I cut a size 42 and it fit perfectly (in my opinion). It was an easy pattern to make, with very clear instructions. I changed a couple of things. I changed the way the back panels sit. I saw that a lot of people had gaping fabric here and I hoped to prevent that (so far no gape). I changed the back zipper to a side zipper. I want to be able to put on my clothes by myself and I can’t work a back zipper.

I’m really happy with this dress and will make it again. I’m thinking to use my Van Gogh fabric for this dress. Update: and here’s my Van Gogh fabric used for the Belladone.