Sew Over It Eve dress

This year’s Sew together for summer challenge involved making a wrapdress. I love wrapdresses, I have a gazillion patterns for wrapdresses and I was actually planning about five of them in some of my most beloved fabrics. So ofcourse I completely froze and started doubting all my decisions. After thinking about it for a while I settled on using this fabric. I got this cotton jersey earlier this year at Naaiplezier (I think it sold out really quickly). I love fabric with leaves on it and this one is particulary good quality. I think it is biological cotton (I can’t find the info, but I’ve been buying organic for some time now).

I kept thinking about making an Eve dress with it. I made this pattern before and knew that it’s key to keep the fabric from stretching out to much. I immediately stabilized the front bodice with seam tape after cutting it out. I finished the neckline with foldover elastic for extra stability. I also stabilized all horizontal seams with clear elastic and use a triple straight stitch thoughout. This stitch provides both stretch and stability.

The pattern itself is really easy to sew up. I cut out a size 14 instead of 16 to account for the stretch.

I’ll add some photos of the back later on to show you the fit.

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