Knipmode jersey dress

I’m always on the lookout for patterns for jersey dresses. I fluctuate a lot in weight because of water retention through hormonal changes and so jersey dresses are perfect for me. I love a jersey dress with a retro vibe and so I was pretty happy when Knipmode April was delivered to my doorstep.

It had this pattern in it:

If you buy the pdf (only €4,95), you get all three variations. I wanted the slim skirt with the longer sleeves. I really love the shawl collar and the cut of the skirt. I love those skirts that emphasize the midriff.

I had this cotton jersey that I got from Naaiplezier (I think this one’s gone now, but they have a great selection and I would happily buy everything from that shop!). I needed about 1,5 metres to make this version (do not follow the cutting lay-out from Knip) in size 40.

It really was a breeze to make. I honestly don’t follow instructions these days and if you have made dresses before you can easily make this without instructions. Just follow the notches and pleats on the pattern pieces. Do remember that Knipmode, like Burda, doesn’t add seam allowances, so you would need to add those yourself. Knipmode also has a lot of ease so I went one size down, but added some length (about an inch) to the skirt. Overexposed shot of the midriff:

Overexposed shot of the back (I hunch fyi):

Not going to be the last version I’ll make of this dress. I’m also looking forward to making the topversion.


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