Deer and Doe Belladone (update: second version)

I’ve been eyeing all the Deer and Doe patterns for a while. I kind of put myself on a buying hiatus (intermittently broken for those moments when I find a fabric that I can’t stop thinking about) and don’t allow myself to buy all the patterns. I own so many patterns and I’ve made just a fraction of them. For a while I only got new patterns through my Fabric Godmother dreamwardrobe subscription and it was in one of her parcels that I got the Belladone dress. I got it with a teal crepe, but wanted to make it with the fabric from another Dream Wardrobe parcel, this gorgeous cotton sateen with it’s bright floral print.

I cut a size 42 and it fit perfectly (in my opinion). It was an easy pattern to make, with very clear instructions. I changed a couple of things. I changed the way the back panels sit. I saw that a lot of people had gaping fabric here and I hoped to prevent that (so far no gape). I changed the back zipper to a side zipper. I want to be able to put on my clothes by myself and I can’t work a back zipper.

I’m really happy with this dress and will make it again. I’m thinking to use my Van Gogh fabric for this dress. Update: and here’s my Van Gogh fabric used for the Belladone.


Experimenting with A-line dresses

I love an A-line dress on me. It emphasizes my waist, skims over my hips and elongates my body. I also love knits and wanted to create some simple knit A-line dresses. I don’t have an exact pattern for something like that, so I set out to combine a top pattern with a skirt pattern. 

For my first experiment I used a Moneta bodice with the neckline of the Plantain from Deer amd Doe. I combined this with a pattern from La Maison Victor for the skirt of the Ariel dress. This is a pattern for a woven, but with some measuring I made it fit on my bodice (I ended up with negative ease at the waist). I also tried a scooped back on this one. I used a knit from Art Gallery fabrics that has a lot of stretch. 

It looks ok on me, but I’m not happy with the constant showing of bra straps and having to adjust these all day. I think I’m going to make some changes, but I’m not sure what kind of changes yet. Will I add something to keep my straps in place or will I cut a new back bodice without scoop?

With this knowledge I experimented further. For the next dress I worked with the Agnes pattern by Tilly and the Buttons. I really like the fit of the tops I’ve made so far, so I hoped that it would work out as beautiful as I dreamed of for this fabric I got at La Mima’s. I was happy with the skirt, so I kept that.

I’m in love with this dress. It’s everything I want in a dress. Now that I’m happy with my frankenpattern, I’ll expect to make more versions. Maybe add some details to distinguish the different versions like a shoulder yoke, princess seams, the puffed sleeves of Agnes.