All quiet on the sewing front

It is finally happening. After soldiering on for six months I am finally starting to lose weight. Sewing  has come to a standstill. I need to finish my aspiration dress, I might actually fit it soon. I already need to take in my Hollyburn skirt an entire size.


Sewaholic Hollyburn skirt

I did not really know what to expect when I signed up for the dreamwardrobe of the Fabric Godmother. I filled in her questionnaire about my style and waited for the first parcel to arrive.I have to admit I was slightly dissapointed when I opened my parcel and saw a skirt and a dark blue fabric. Am I this boring? Did I not inspire an outrageous dress and print?

But soon my head filled with images of me wearing this skirt with all the cute tops in my wardrobe that never see the light of day because I’m always in dresses these days. I also started to appreciate the fabric that felt soft and seemed to go with so much. So I started to sew up my Hollyburn. I chose version 2 without the buttons. I felt that buttons would emphasize my hips too much. 

I was unsure if the skirt would fit me, I’ve only recently managed to get in size 16 and the measurements indicated that this would be a very tight fit. Somehow I had inches of width to spare. I had to take out about 5 inches in the back. I will probably have to take it in again soon as I’m finally starting to lose weight. I will take it in at the front seam when needed. Otherwise this was a great and quick sew. I love my pocketses!

At first I felt the skirt made my hips look enormous, but soon I saw that it made my waist look tiny and I’m pretty happy with the way it sits now. I’ve worn this skirt 3 days in the past 4 days. I absolutely love it now and am really happy that this was my first parcel!