My second Megan dress from Love at first stitch

This pattern is going to do wonders for my stash! You can use different fabrics for top and skirt and I have so many pieces of fabric that are about a metre that will make wonderful Megan’s. Next up will be a Daisy Megan! It sews up really quick and easy. It did teach me the convenience of precision. When you have worked very precise things are easier. 

I made this one in two ponte knits that were leftover after projects for other people. I went down a size, added length to the skirt and added some darts to the back of the neckline. It fits perfectly and I feel amazing. It’s been a long time since a piece of clothing made me feel this good about my body. It plays to my strengths (waist, long legs) and hides some of the things I’m not so happy with (those damm upper arms).


Wearable muslin of the Megan dress from Love at first stitch and two Plantain dresses

Ah, if I had to pick one thing from Me-made-may that made me look different at sewing it was realising that all my me-made-garment are from Colette Patterns. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Colette Patterns, a whole lot. I own most of their patterns and am planning to one day own and sew them all. But I also own many other patterns and I haven’t even taken some of them out of their envelopes. Me-made-may made it clear to me that I really needed to branch out and try some of the wonderful patterns I saw other people wearing. 

I started with this Plantain from Deer&doe. It’s dissappointing that they don’t do any other pdf patterns (my favorite way of working with patterns) because the Plantain is really well drafted and wonderful to sew. I had a stripey stiff knit lying around and decided to lenghten it into a dress so I wouldn’t be left with more scraps (which I already have too many of!). I matched the stripes, I was surprised that this wasn’t as hard as I thought it was. It was a real easy sew and I am definitely going to make more Plantains. In fact I made another one the next day. I had a really slinky knit, very soft to the touch, that I didn’t know what to with before. I decided to turn it into a second Plantain dress and it turned out pretty different from the first, very drapey and more ease. 

Then I moved on to my next project: a Megan dress from the Love at first stitch book by Tilly Walnes. I skipped the first two projects (though I might return to them at a later date) and cut out the third project: the Delphine skirt, only to find out that I didn’t have the neccessary zipper to finish (still don’t). I then moved on to the Megan dress because I had the perfect fabric lying around: a dotted navy cotton with enough body to cary of the pattern. But I first wanted to do something I have never done before and make a muslin. I did decide to make it a wearable muslin. I thought it would be a complicated sew, but it turned out to be a really quick make. I already cut out a second version to make tomorrow. I deviated from the instructions, I am at the point where I usually sew dresses without instructions. I just checked to see at which point the facings were needed and then did my own thing. I chose to sew the sleeves in flat. I am pretty confident with sleeves and knew I would get them right. After sewing the entire garment I made one alteration: I took the dress in at the seams as it was way too big for me. I wouldn’t have guessed based on my measurements, but size 8 wasn’t too small (as I had feared). For my next version I will work with a smaller size and I will add some length to the skirt. 

Me-made-may…the story so far

I have not saved photos of all my outfits, but here’s 12 of them:

What I learned about myself is that I don’t have my own style. It’s all pretty eclectic and my fabric choice is often dictated by what’s affordable and available.

I made a Pinterest board for a capsule wardrobe based on what I wear most (dresses) and things I miss when I stand in front of my wardrobe trying to get dressed.

Then I came across the Fabric Godmother! Josie from the Fabric Godmother has this amazing selection of patterns and fabric in her online shop. And she has this even more amazing project where she will ask you questions about your body, colouring, style and preferences and based on that she will send you a box with a pattern, fabric and everything needed to make that pattern. It’s called Dream Wardrobe and I signed up immediately. Yesterday I got a mail saying my first package was on it’s way and I’m pretty excited to find out what’s in it!


I had been meaning to sew this up for quite some time now. Seamwork’s Akita pattern is a bit odd (to me) as it consists out of one very long pattern piece, that’s about 1.40m long. For a stashbuster that’s a long strip of fabric. I tried to cut the pattern in half and add seam allowances, but something went wrong and my top ended up with a front that was 4 inches longer than the back. 

This was the only fabric I had that would work. I’m not sure what it is. I bought it online as a cotton jersey, but when I got it it had no stretch at all and it appears to be a woven as I can discern something of a grainline. It’s very slippery and drapey. It sewed up pretty well. I made a size 18 with no alterations. With my newfound love for rolled hems I went to town on this blouse and rolled all my hems.

I will probably wear this a lot. I love this colour and love the sheen to the fabric.

The pattern was a quick sew, it took me one hour to cut and sew. I’m not sure if I will make it again now that Seamwork has also released the Hayden top for wovens. That one’s a bit cheaper on the fabric I think.

Me-made-may day 11: my favorite Moneta

I made this last year. It’s my absolute favorite dress. It’s extremely comfortable and I feel great in it. It made me realise the power of making your own clothes and being able to get the exact fit you want and making something exactly the way you envisioned it.

I altered the Moneta pattern in the following ways: lenghtened the bodice and skirt, cut some width from the skirt, shortened the sleeves and finished the neckline with binding.

Another Peony in a new to me color

This fabric is part of a pile of fabrics that I cut out last summer, but didn’t get around to sew. There is another Peony waiting, another Mesa and some tops. 

I usually choose bold colors and prints. At a bachelorette party we had someone telling us about our colors and types and what not and she said I should wear more pale pinks and other pastels. So I decided to mix it up for this dress. I also chose a delicate fabric to work with: voile and I lined it with crepe. I used techniques that I hadn’t tried before like this rolled hem:

I made sure to finish all hems neatly:

I’m pretty happy with the result. It doesn’t photograph as pretty as it looks in ‘real’ life, but it’s a very delicate and feminine dress and there will be more pastels in my future.