Dahlia no. 2: the aspiration dress

  As I’m trying to get back to a good weight, it’s been hard to sew for myself. I feel you should always sew your actual size as that’s one of the things that makes sewing such a pleasure. I could never get the fit I get with me-made clothes if I would buy them in the store. But one of the things I was advised was to put up some clothing item as inspiration and motivation to keep going with losing weight. I do need lots of motivation. As I am a type 1 diabetic losing weight has been really hard and a slow process. I know I’m doing it right this way (eating healthy and exercising more), but it really is a very slow process. To motivate myself I’m sewing a second Dahlia in a size 14. I am between 18 and 16 at the moment. I’m kind of hopimg to be able to wear it this summer. I like the pattern. It fits me well if I make a small shoulder adjustment. I’m not great with gathers, but the second time around my gathers did turn out a lot better. I stopped sewing tonight after screwing up the invisible zipper. I will rip it out next time and be more patient. I wanted to finish it before going to bed and was to hasty.
I’m also making my nephew a second shirt. This one’s a pirate shirt. It’s also not finished yet.



Longsleeve for my nephew, moji pants for me

Because I am trying to lose some weight, I don’t want to sew too many things for myself. Yes, most things are easy to adjust, but I prefer to wait until after the summer and see where I ended up. In the mean time I’n doing some small projects for myself and others.

I made this longsleeve for my nephew. It’s based on this pattern from Knippie. The idea is to make a matching dress for my little girl. He loves horses and he wanted it to be for boys. I added some leatherlike jersey to make it ‘more for boys’. It was really easy to do, I am definitely going to make him some more shirts. It’s his favorite shirt now 🙂

Then I made a little something needed for myself:

These are Seamwork’s moji pants without pockets, lenghtened and with a different cuff. I was really afraid these would not be flattering at all. Since my pregnancy my belly has been shaped really weird and hard to dress. My midsection is completely out of balance. But, the pants fit lovely. They’re pretty highwaisted on me. I made them from a sturdy jersey, it’s not ponte, but it behaves the same way. So they’re really comfortable, but dressy enough to wear anywhere. I went down a size and made a size 16. I’ll probably make another pair for the summer, they’re so comfortable!!!!